THE CANTERVILLE GHOST (2018) – Tall Stories: Edinburgh Festival


“It’s Matt Jopling’s smart and funny ventriloquist act that wins our hearts, and a lot of laughs.”

The Scotsman 


“It is The Ventriloquist (who also plays the lanky son) who really steals the show, with an extraordinary and truly impressive display of the art.”

The Edinburgh Guide

“Matt Jopling's role as the ventriloquist clown completely nails the nostalgic charisma we cherish.” 

- The Skinny 


“Never before have I been so tickled by the talents of a ventriloquist... The Canterville Ghost is storytelling at its best. Four actors, equipped with extraordinary stage presence, charm and no small amount of pizazz, succeed in telling a tale of two narratives and paying tribute to the ghosts of entertainment past.”

- The 730 Review 


“Being a member of this troupe is no easy feat; as well as mastering your respective skill, the show demands being able to sing, dance, and tell jokes. The amazing range of performance seen in the show gives The Canterville Ghost the grand feel of a Victorian variety act.”

- Theatre Weekly 


WILDE CREATURES (2017/18) – Tall Stories: The Vaudeville, Sydney Opera House, Edinburgh Festival

“Matt Jopling’s closing performance as the scrutinized wild boy – a version of The Birthday of the Infanta conveys the desolation frequent among fairy tales. All the while his physical performance warms us to the character, his fall becoming more gut-churning. The range of emotions belted into the audience with such speed and ferocity is completely overwhelming.”

- The Wee Review 

“Each of the stories is told with constant inventiveness and charm by the cast, who devised the show with the writer-directors Olivia Jacobs and Toby Mitchell.” 

- The Times 


“Lauren Silver, Matt Jopling, Steve McCourt and Tom Jude make up the cast. Individually unique and brilliant, combined they spur each other on to fill the stage with energy... the cast bring it all together in spectacular fashion.”

Australian Stage

WHAT THE LADYBIRD HEARD (2017) - Kenny Wax Ltd: West End, UK/International tour. 

“The character that makes this show worth visiting alone, winning over both children and adults is robber Lanky Len who is full of amusing voices and daft actions, the main comedy vehicle in the play”

- Time Out 

PURE and CANARY GIRLS (2016) - Mikron Theatre: Regional Tour

“Matt Jopling is for me the stand-out here, playing guitar beautifully in a range of styles and distinguishing his roles through interesting physicalities and vocal tics.” 

- British Theatre Guide 

“All four performers are tremendous, Jopling especially so, their singing and musicianship on guitar and brass a delight”. 

- York Press


BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (2014) – New Wolsey Theatre 

“An inspiring comic duo is Matt Jopling (Desperate Dan) and Eamonn Fleming (Dame Bessie Bigbreaths), who engage well with the audience on their pantomime debut.” 

- Whats On Stage 


“Keep a special eye out for the wonderful Desperate Dan (Matt Jopling), who certainly gives an outstanding impression of farm life that will have you in fits.”


STOAT HALL (2016) Eastern Angles: Sir John Mills Theatre


“Narrated by Perch the Fool, played by Matt Jopling with the true pathos of a clown” 

- Ipswich Star

“Matt Jopling manages to make an unfunny, insecure and nervy court jester Perch the Fool highly amusing.” 

- Peterborough Today